MPE Celebrating 20 Years

   13 Jan 2017
MPE has reached a significant milestone, celebrating its 20 year anniversary.

Wanting to improve traditional asset management practices within the local coal industry, MPE was established to ensure its clients realise value from their assets, by offering professional advice and support in maintenance and project management.

While MPE’s service capabilities and clientele have changed over the years, the underlying principle of balancing cost and risk to achieve optimum asset performance remains the cornerstone of the business.

Since 1997, MPE has completed over 2700 projects, assisting some 300 Australian and International clients in industries such as mining, manufacturing, utilities, construction, transport, retail and Government.

When asked about MPE’s achievement of reaching 20 years in business, General Manager Mick Meissner said; “A key element of MPE’s longevity has been a common desire to deliver real value to our clients and our success is a testament to the skill and dedication of all who have worked at MPE.”

“For a small company we have undertaken a diversity of projects from asset construction and major equipment relocations through to software development to improve work management and safety.”

“Throughout these projects we have been able to support more than 25 young graduate engineers, providing opportunities to enhance their skills by way of job training and mentoring. Knowing that we have contributed in some way to the development of the next generation of asset managers is very satisfying.” “Completing twenty years in business is certainly a proud achievement for MPE. We are extremely grateful for the support we have received, particularly from our clients, and look forward to continuing those relationships into the future,” he said.