Remote maintenance planning

   21 May 2015

Remote Maintenance Planning (RMP) isn’t a new concept. The idea of a central team undertaking maintenance planning and scheduling activities for multiple work locations has been around for some time. While there are examples of successful implementations, some initiatives fail to deliver the expected cost and efficiency benefits and as a result the organisation reverts to traditional work management structures.

So what are the key ingredients for success?

Like any work management model, achieving success is underpinned by people, process and systems.

People: Having the right people for the job is essential. The RMP model provides the opportunity to utilise equipment specific specialist planners rather than generalists or part time resources. Common assets can be grouped and allocated to a planner with specific knowledge and experience for the equipment type. Quality and planning efficiency is improved over time as a result.

Process: A well-defined and clearly communicated process is an essential element of the RMP model. The remote planning team, together with those responsible for executing the work on site, need to be well aware of their individual accountabilities and responsibilities in order to optimise efficiency and mitigate waste.

Systems: The RMP concept will fail to reach its potential unless it is delivered through an effective system. Software solutions need to overcome the challenges of communicating remotely whilst allowing for real-time, streamlined data capture. Adapting mobile technology and eliminating the use of paper systems is a key ingredient for success.

What are the benefits of MPE’s Remote Maintenance Planning Service?

MPE has been providing maintenance planning services to organisations for over 15 years.

  • Our team is experienced and skilled in delivering quality maintenance planning outcomes
  • We adhere to a structured work management process tailored to suit individual businesses
  • We have developed and utilise proprietary systems which complement the RMP concept
  • Our mainstay software supports a modern, streamlined and safe approach to work management
  • Our RMP service is scalable to suit any size operation

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