mainstay® software update

   30 Nov 2011

mainstay® is an innovative software package designed to overcome current limitations in the maintenance management process. Providing users with four distinct modules including shift log, warranty tracker, labour manager and resource leveller, mainstay® is designed for the shift supervisor and can complement existing Computerised Maintenance Management Software.

The latest version of mainstay® software is now being rolled out to our current client base. This version improves the labour manager module by allowing supervisors greater control of skills handling with refined tracking, expiry and rebooking functionality, document storage and ‘skill group’ filtering.

Our mainstay® software developers are currently laying the foundations for further innovations to the shift log and resource leveller. mainstay® consultants are currently working with various OEMs and mine sites across NSW and QLD to replace their labour spreadsheets, facilitate resource levelling and improve their maintenance work flow.

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