Maintenance improvement at nsw underground operation

   30 Nov 2011

MPE were asked to audit the maintenance practices of a contractor carrying out development works and the equipment standards at a NSW underground coal operation.

The initial maintenance audit was carried out over two days with follow up audits on a random selection of equipment. A visual inspection was performed followed by the verification of maintenance documents and processes then comparing it to international standard ISO 9004:2000 Quality Management System, Australian standard AS4183:2007 Value Management and MDG15. The outcome of the audit was to ensure the equipment was compliant to the standards and the contractor is adhering to safety requirements and effectively managing their fleet.

Upon completion of the audits, MPE have been asked to assist in rectifying non-compliances. MPE personnel are currently collecting data and graphing failures of the excavators and dump trucks and rewriting service sheets to improve the reliability, planning and scheduling of the workload.